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Mary Mesk, renowned for her ability to craft powerful progressive tunes that set dance floors ablaze, brings her expertise to the forefront once again with her latest release, "Find You". Following her electrifying performances at Lollapalooza in Brazil, this track features a mesmerizing combination of rolling basslines and hypnotic vocals, culminating in a climactic drop accentuated by Mary's signature leads. Infused with a subtle hint of indie vibes, courtesy of the acoustic drums, "Find You" emerges as a hypnotic and captivating addition to any progressive set, promising to captivate audiences and elevate the energy of the dance floor.

ENV265 Mary Mesk - Find You.png


April is the month of the flowers to bloom, the month to strip off the jacket layers and to enjoy the sun that shines stronger and stronger.
Our Swiss friends from SONS OF MARIA love to entertain us and guide us into a new season. Their music always carries a lot of beautiful emotions that awake the love of life in us and cheer our moods up.
Their newest song is a very tender deep house track with lots of perfectly written piano chords and emotional vocal phrases. It's time to chillax and enjoy life.

ETC631 -  Sons Of Maria - Into Your Arms.jpg


Following the release of her club-ready record 'Invasion Of The Believers', Nora En Pure offers a reflective original 'The Other Side'. Conjuring a soothing and blissful soundscape, this restorative creation expertly blends signature piano chords with undulating pads, and floats across a slick percussive arrangement. Completed by smooth vocals, this track provides a breath of fresh air in sonic form.

The Other Side V2 (1).jpg


Jeff Ozmits collaborates with Crystos to deliver the uplifting melodic gem 'Message To The Sun.' This track maintains a melodic, almost atmospheric vibe, complemented by a bassline designed for the club. With notable releases on labels such as ASOT, Enhanced, and Zerothree, these talented producers offer a unique tune that is sure to elevate your melodic house sets, injecting a positive summer atmosphere just in time to brighten up the winter months.

ENV242 Jeff Ozmits & Crystos - Message To The Sun.jpeg


Gabi Giordan, celebrated as one of the top 100 DJs by House Mag, collaborates with Ravok to deliver a compelling progressive house anthem. This track stands out with its thought-provoking yet uplifting vocal sample, masterfully blended into the mix. The break is a journey in itself, building up to a drop that's meticulously crafted for the dance floor. The bassline, both elegant and driving, maintains an almost uninterrupted presence, ensuring the energy levels never dip. This track is more than just music; it's an experience, perfectly suited for any progressive house party. It's clear that Gabi Giordan and Ravok have crafted a banger that's not just meant to be heard, but felt.

ENV257 RAVOK, GABI GIORDAN - Never Ends.jpeg


The beauty of the African wilderness is reflected by untouched land, thriving wildlife and cultural loyalty. This week we take you on a musical safari through the mentioned African lands. Your hosts are Swiss based SONS OF MARIA who created this beautiful deep house jam, incorporating a catchy African choir, supported by modern synth melodies and groovy beats. Soak up the sun in one of our most beautiful and most precious continents and enjoy the musical sight-"hearing" tour.

ETC645 -  Sons Of Maria - Yango Yee V3 DEF (1).jpg


A batch of beautifully recorded and produced underwater and submerged sounds for your relaxation.
TERRAAURA is the project of two sound-designers and friends of the nature and our beautiful planet. They always carry a set of AKG414 in their backpack and whenever there's something exciting to hear they record their beautiful audible surroundings.

NA081 TerraAura - Submerged Melodies DEF02 (1).jpg


Brasil based HENRI (br) and Israel based ANTO`S MARS teamed up to create beautifully sounding 2 track EP. It comes as no surprise that our inhouse artist HENRI (br) is capable of creating awesome melodic house tracks on the fly, but together with Anto`s Mars the duo was able to even take it up a notch and produce 2 very uplifting and energetic and perfectly entertaining progressive house tracks. Without a single doubt these tracks will get massive support in the coming spring time from DJs and listeners, so be the first to explore these wonderful tracks.

ETC601 Henri (br) x Anto`s Mars - Pressure EP RGB.jpg


In spring of 2023 Swiss based NORA EN PURE released her track "Spring Embers" that instantly became a viral sensation and endet up being voted as Chillworthy Track no.1 on SiriusXM Chills in 2023 and peaked no.2 on's organic house chart, next to that, the track amassed over 14 million streams within the first 12 months of its release.
This year we are very proud to introduce you to INFINITE MEMORIES, a beautiful piano driven and jazzy vibed chill house track that reflects again the beauty of spring and pre-summer in its authentic production and the incorporation of perfectly matching organic elements and groovy beat patterns.
It's time to unwind, it's time to reflect, it's time to welcome the warmer months of the year and enjoy the cheerful music we all deserve!

ETR726 - Nora En Pure - Infinite Memories (1).jpg


In the early mornings when the painter puts a blank canvas up on the wooden tripod stand he clears his head and tries to see the world as we would want to see it. He takes up his paint brush and starts to blend colors on his fancy colorboard. A line here and colorful stain there and in no time a picture starts to come alive. Made out of thin air! Painted on A BLANK CANVAS! How fascination is this stunning process that was part of the evolving society for the past several 100 years? If you were that skilled painter that could express and transform this talent and make a living with it, people looked up to you and you had a privileged status within the community just like a doctor or an engineer. But let's fast forward to now, where generative AI tools are filling our canvas with digital aligned life and people are used as their masters in command to guide them in the master's financial, political or cultural advantage. PASSENGER 10 is a real human, going by the name of Christian Beat Hirt. Born on March 7th, 1979. All music he produces is handmade and the presstexts here are written without any help of AI or writing tools. In fact, guys, I (Christian Beat Hirt) am writing this text and I am using the third person to make it look bigger than it actually is. English isn't even my mother tongue and I am aware of all the grammar mistakes I might make writing those presstexts but I am quite sure that all the messages and meanings come across quite well. So, let's humanize the world a bit because our precious nature environment is perfectly imperfect, too. And it is all we got.

ETR727 Passenger 10 - A Blank Canvas (1).jpg


Italy based artist FEDERICA LUPPI debuts on our label with an energetic and very euphoric bass house tune. WANNA SEE U DROP is a perfectly balanced club jam, made especially for the peak times of the current club and festival scene. So, give it a shot and drop this hot jam in your next DJ set to see the reaction of the crowd with your own eyes. You gotta see and feel it to believe it.

NDF552 Federica Luppi - Wanna See U Drop.jpg


CANDICE makes her debut on Enormous Vision with the groovy melodic house track 'KAMANA,' infused with Afro house influences. Drawing from her experience as a seasoned DJ, having performed in front of packed crowds alongside renowned DJs such as FEDER, FNX OMAR, GIOLI & ASSIA, SAVAGE & SHE, CANDICE effortlessly translates her knack for groove into her latest release. 'KAMANA' features a powerful melody seamlessly intertwined with playful vibes, making it a must-have addition to any Afro-infused sets.



CALIPPO drops a smoking hot melodic house jam this week, just in time for the hot spring break season. The Swiss based artist is known for his energetic but still very melodic and, in this case, also very emotional tracks. His music was featured throughout the past 15 years on countless user and editorial playlists as well as regularly supported by numerous DJ`s who celebrate his music and spice up their DJ-sets with it. Calippo`s latest jam will make sure to keep us all dancing and having the time of our lives. Don`t miss out here, this track will inspire you.

ETC630 Calippo - It's Over Now RGB.jpg


5 wonderfully crafted noises for your personal zen experience and a restful relaxation.

DreamClouds was founded by two talented music producers. Both of them are not only passionate musicians but also dedicated fathers. They faced the challenge of helping their children find a calm and restful sleep.
The two producers utilized their musical skills to find a solution. Together, they entered their studio and began crafting soothing sounds and soundscapes. They experimented with various noises, effects, and techniques to create the perfect auditory experience.
During their studio sessions, they developed compositions using calming noise, canceling noise, white noise, brown noise, and pink noise. Each piece was carefully tested. In the process, they discovered something surprising—not only did their children find relaxation and peace in the sounds, but they themselves did as well.
The sounds they had created allowed them to escape from the stresses of everyday life. For a brief moment, they could relax and immerse themselves in the sonic landscapes they had crafted.
They quickly realized that their creations could offer moments of tranquility and serenity to stressed individuals, parents, and children in a hectic world. As a result, they decided to release their compositions and help others with them.

Relaxing zen noises.jpeg
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